Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back in Australia!!!

Hello all! It's been a while since my last blog and I apologize for that-but I've been a busy busy bee! After the Canada tour ended-I got to work on my new single "Share It With You" that will officially be released on May 19th, 2012. It's a very special month for me. Particularly that day. Because it is my 10 year wedding anniversary to my dear husband Michael. I thought that because the song is about him-it was only obvious to release it "for him" on our special day. So stay tuned for that! The other thing that happened was I filmed a video for the song! Thanks to my friend Richard Hallmarq/clothing designer. He put together a team for me to go to San Francisco to shoot a video for the song. I hadn't shot a video in over 20 years so it was a little bit like getting on an old bike and riding it again! I had a blast! Adrian Soto directed the video and did a wonderful job! I had some very good friends Dan and David come to the shoot as well as my BFF from 5th grade-Sally (who moved to Vegas while I was in Canada and now I have my BFF close by to me again-it's awesome!!!!) We shot two days and got some great footage. Can't wait to see the final edit and share it with all of you! So let's see...the other thing I've been doing is getting ready for the Australian tour! I just arrived in Sydney yesterday and I'm trying to figure out how to catch up on the time thing! Today the girls and I may venture out to the zoo to catch a Koala and Kangaroo! Excited about that! I got up extra early and had a great work out with Liv (both yesterday and today!) Getting ready for some serious shows! Can't wait to get up on stage and get my dance and sing on! Was walking around yesterday in the park and saw the most awesome fox/bat things hanging upside down in the trees! Freaky! Like flying monkey's in the wizard of oz! But it was such a beautiful day-Australia is such a beautiful country-and we all feel so blessed to be able to travel the world-do what we love to do-and get to see so many things. God has definitely blessed us and we all know it. He also blessed me with having the best boss in the world. Not only because he is the most talented man in existence, but because he is such a wonderful teacher. I never thought I could learn so much in my older years as I am learning...just goes to show you that you never stop growing and learning in life. So thank you Prince. Thank you NPG for all being so talented and wonderful human beings. I couldn't ask for a better family to come to when I'm not with my family at home. Speaking of my family at home, Olivia has her first school play on the 15th. She is playing a ladybug! Don't worry-Daddy is gonna tape it for me so I can see. I'm a little sad that I won't be there, but Olivia understands and is not upset cause at least Daddy will be there and all of our friends. I will also be missing my Mothers Day with her-but it's just a day. I can make up for it when I get back home just in time for her Kindergarten graduation on June 7th! So proud of my little girl (who is now 6!!!) She is singing and dancing up a storm (uh oh) and has a dance recital on the 23rd of June that I'm excited to be home for. She is dancing in two dances and the costumes are ridiculously cute! So glad to be back in Australia mates!!! Last time I was here was when I was singing for Savage Garden. I'm gonna be able to see the bass player, Lee Novak and the drummer, Karl Lewis while I'm here! So excited to see them after so many years. Last time I was here it was for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. That was a fun night! I'll never forget! But now it's time to make purple funky music and turn Australia into Funkstralia! See u at the shows!!!! Luv, Elisa


  1. Hi Elisa, I didn't know until now that you had a blog! I love blogging and keeping up with blogs! So happy that you know that missing a Mother's Day with your daughter is just a day. I do believe that being the best example that we can be for our kids, is the best gift we can give them. I read one of your older posts, and it will mean so much to her to know that you love what you do, it will teach her to not settle for less, and to grow up to do exactly what she loves to do!

    You are lucky to have a boss as talented as Prince. I can only imagine what kind of creative inspiration he encourages! Have a blast in Australia, enjoy every moment!

    1. Thank you Tannis. I appreciate the thumbs up. Sometimes as a parent you feel sooooo guilty leaving your little ones to go to work, even if it is something you love to do. Just knowing that she will appreciate it when she's older-makes it a little easier. Setting a good example and being a good role model is exactly my mission. But boy do I miss her cute little face and toes! Thanks for reading my blog :o) Luv, Elisa

    2. Thanks for your reply Elisa. It's so cute that you mention you miss your daughters face and....toes! I am not away from my daughter very often, but when I am, I miss her cheeks! She has my chubby cheeks! Sometimes when I make a facial expression or hold my body a certain way, I have to stop and say to myself "hey, am I doing this like her, or does she mimick me?" We are truly two peas in a pod! I hope you keep blogging, it will be a great way to one day show her a record of your life! That is why I started. Take care, and have a great tour in Australia. I have only been fortunate to see you all once, in Canada, and it was amazing! (yes I even blogged about it!). Have fun! :)


  2. I loved Reading this Elisa :) what a beautiful time you are having atm, and a huge congrats on your anniversary. I am a local Sydney girl, and I will be there for all 3 Sydney shows. Cant wait to get my dance and sing on either haha :) We have been waiting for P and The NPG to come back to us for 8 years! I couldnt be more excited!

    I hope you have an amazing time on tour here in Aus, we are so blessed to have you. it is certainly going to be Funkstralia for the month of May

    See you on Friday night! ill be the one wearing Purple :) hehe

    Niki :)

  3. Great gig last night.....good luck tonight! Sneak me and my Missouri wife into The Ivy! We need a break from our 6 kids and another dose of the Purple Funk!