Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Introducing the Mysterious Guitar Player...

So I stumbled upon a wonderfully talented guitar player thanks to my friend/producer Jeff Silverman that I've known for so many years. 
He suggested I check out this 20 year old Berkley Student from Virginia. 
So we scheduled a little trip for him to fly to Vegas. 
He actually flew in from Nashville because he just recently set up shop there....but anyway...

We ended up having a week long writing session and realized that 
we 'SHARE' a lot of stuff in common. For instance....

* We both love Chipotle (I nicknamed him the mysterious burrito man). 
* We both love to mix up R&B, Pop and Jazz styles when we write songs.
* We both have hazel colored eyes.
* We both love music.
* We both have a good sense of humor...even if we are the only one's who think we're funny.
* We both have last names that rhyme with the word 'LEASE'. 
 While he was in Vegas I sat down and played him my recent release of "Share It With You" and he started to play some stuff on the guitar that just blew me away! So we thought-"why not re-release 'Share It With You'-and do a remix version?" No sooner did we think of the idea-it all started to come together with the help of our wonderful producer Jeff Silverman Palette Music Productions in Nashville-or as we like to call him "Mr. Silverman". 
I can't wait for you all to hear how great it is sounding. 
I've decided that November 1st is going to be the release date and we have other surprises up our sleeves to reveal as it gets closer. So stay tuned. The mysterious guitar player will be revealed soon...
Burrito. (inside joke)
Luv Elisa