Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to my garden...

Just wanted to welcome you all to my new website. I'm so glad you stopped by and are going to be a part of my new blossoming! I'm so excited about it because it will be the start of an ongoing creation of new music...Every month or so, I will be writing and posting new music on my site. Songs of different styles and sounds. Each creation will be a new "bloom" of something fresh and new. I am also investigating a new way of bringing a "live" show directly to you via the internet. Stay tuned for that... In the meantime there is so much going on with me this summer. I decided to stay at home with my daughter Olivia and husband Michael to enjoy my family-since I was busy from January till June performing with Prince and the NPG on the "Welcome 2 America" tour. We did a lot of traveling from New York-New Jersey-North and South Carolina and 21 wonderful nights in Los Angeles at The Forum. The NPG and Prince are now touring all over Europe-giving love and giving purple joy to every single girl and boy :o) I miss my NPG family but will hopefully see them again sometime in the Fall. Once I know any kind of new "dates" I will be sure to let you all know. Just to get u all up to date (if you haven't been following my posts on facebook or twitter-make sure you check me out there) I have been on a very strict diet and I've lost 25 lbs so far! I have 15 more to go and I'm back at the gym doing my favorite Zumba class and keeping very active. I did the HCG diet and it really did help me a lot. It wasn't easy and I had to find my willpower again (it was hiding somewhere but I found it!). I'm proud to say that I am finally doing it!!! No excuses-no pain-no gain. I feel great and I am inspired to write, sing and create again. So there is no better time than now to reveal my new website. To let the little flower bloom into what it's supposed to be. I will definitely be blogging regularly and keeping you all up to date. So thank you everyone for stopping by-and for still believing in me after all these years. I will sing and forever be grateful for the gift that god has given me. Love 2 u all. - Elisa

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  1. Hello Elisa,
    It's a pleasure to follow you here. You don't only have a beautiful voice, but also a way with words :-).


    Miet Uyttebrouck